Sunny Brae Middle School Goes 1:1 with Chromebooks


Students at SBMS have a new routine. Each morning prior to the first class bell, students walk by the Science Complex to pick up their personal Chromebook, a tool they will use in classes as part of the district’s 21st century education initiative. Students use their Chromebook to access curriculum in math, engage in collaborative work on documents, spread sheets or presentations, to write reflections on learning, annotate in close reading, write informational text in paragraph or essay formats, and message teachers and other students through google classroom. Each student has a district generated and protected email account which they use to sign into the different applications and curricular programs. Much of the digital curricula can be personalized as to level, and assignments can be differentiated to accommodate maximum learning opportunities for each student. At the end of the day, students place Chromebooks back in their charging station so they will be ready for the next day. The students have enjoyed personalizing their devices with different screen savers, sticker, and backgrounds.

IMG_0756 IMG_0754