Other Reports

Arcata Elementary School District bond proposition, Measure F, was approved on November 6, 2012.
The measure authorized the school district to borrow $7 million.

Measure F: To renovate and modernize outdated classrooms, restrooms and school facilities; improve energy efficiency by installing solar panels; modernize outdated electrical systems; make health and safety improvements; improve student access to computers and modern technology; and replace aging plumbing systems; monitored by an independent citizens’ oversight committee; with no money taken by the state or used for administrative salaries.

Here are the annual reports related to this Bond:

Bond Annual Report FY 2013-14 Arcata ESD

Bond Oversight Committee Report-2013-2014

Additional District Reports

ASD 2014-15 EPA Expenditures

EPA (Education Protection Account) Report 2015-16

Common Core Expenditure Report

17-18 Arcata SD Eleven Month School Attendance Calendar